Hollywood helped us shape our eyebrows, Marlene Dietrich, Marilyn Monroe, Lena Horne, Cher, Elizabeth Taylor and Audrey Hepburn lead the way. After watching the Oscars I realized trends never change they just recycle on younger actresses!

Here are some important tips to remember. Brow hairs when removed do not grow back thicker and constant tweezing may cause the individual hairs to stop growing back completely. I have witnessed this personally among my permanent make up clients. Many doctors recommend permanent brows before the start chemotherapy due to hair loss during treatment so the patient is never without eyebrows.

A well-designed brow is natural looking. The perfect eyebrows frame the face, enhances the eye and lends balance to the other facial features! The shape can change a person’s entire expression. By pulling your hair back off of your face it is easier to determine your facial shape. Angular faces tend to need a more rounded brow. A wide face can appear slimmer by creating a slimmer brow or vice versa for a thinner face. Are your brows extended too far down toward the outside edges of the brow bone making you look older? When in doubt make an appointment for a consultation with a licensed professional, prices will vary generally between twelve to twenty dollars.

Permanent eyebrows are one of the most requested procedures in my practice for the brow challenged. Consultations are valuable on many levels enabling me to study the client’s facial structure, along with determining an eyebrow shape that will be most flattering. By meeting directly with clients I am able to address her concerns and expectations. A medical history is also taken. Various techniques are used according to individual needs; hairline strokes are used filling in thinning areas due to over tweezing. Some clients have no brow hair at all. Custom mixed pigments are blended for compatibility with existing brows. Stroke, Alopecia, Bells Palsy, clients with impaired vision and Cancer survivors are finding new freedom and confidence!

What should you expect? Permanent Make up generally takes place in two appointments the first session is about two hours. During the first session your design assessment, size and placement are determined .The procedure site is anesthetized while the custom blended pigments are being mixed. Next the brows are installed. Post Care and healing instructions are given and your second visit is scheduled several weeks later. Some minor swelling and redness is involved (nothing an ice pack cant take care of) the day of the procedure.

Permanent Make up offers many women the opportunity to enhance features, and create illusions that would other wise require plastic surgery or much more invasive intensive procedures. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, what do you see?

Stephanie Miller
Licensed Certified Derma Technician
Dermagraphics By Miller