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Eyebrow Loss

The loss of natural eyebrows can be devastating and the daily chore of drawing eyebrows on tedious. My permanent makeup practice has specialized in the application of natural looking permanent eyebrows for 15 years. How? Your facial shape, bone...

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Multitrepannic Collagen Actuation

You have a choice in scar management. Dermagraphics by Miller offers MCA! Multitrepannic Collagen Actuation also known as MCA, or Dry Needling is a non-surgical procedure used to improve the appearance of scars. This procedure stimulates collagen production and...

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Paramedical Permanent Makeup

Paramedical or reconstructive services attempt to correct birth defects, disfigurement from accidents or illness, provide cosmetic corrections from surgery such as reconstruction of breast areolas, and scar therapy. The cleft lip The cleft lip is a congenital...

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Designing Faces

At first glance you may not notice the subtle differences, there are degrees of irregularities. Some faces are obviously unbalanced. Look closely at the left side then the right side. There are many reasons for the lack of symmetry some may be due to accidents, birth...

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Face Value

The ever-tightening economy has forced us all to examine our personal budget. The average person has less expendable cash and more stress than the year before. I see it daily on the faces of clients who pass through my door. The lines that appear between your brows...

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