Permanent Makeup Correction

Are you unhappy with a previous permanent makeup service? Are your eyebrows in the wrong place, too dark, or uneven? Do you look in the mirror and wish you hadn’t done it? There’s hope! Dermagraphics by Miller can help you.

Unfortunately, sometimes the best deal is the worst option. Whether you choose Dermagraphics by Miller or another derma technician, it is important that you review portfolio pictures and ask questions! A reputable businesses will be happy to provide you with ALL of the information you request. Good permanent makeup isn’t cheap and cheap permanent makeup isn’t good, if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is!

The “R’s” of Permanent Makeup Correction

Removing a less than desirable permanent makeup application is similar to removing a tattoo. Removal is necessary when the permanent makeup is outside of the natural eyebrow or eyeliner region.

Not everyone requires complete removal. Remodeling encompasses the old procedure site within the new application site.

Restoring is a combination of the removal and remodeling phases, as well as fine tuning to make the application site look as natural as possible.

Dermagraphics by Miller will review and recommend the best suited method of correction during your “no obligation” consultation!

Read what a client had to say about her experience with Dermagraphics by Miller Makeup Correction Service…

“I want to extend my appreciation for the excellent job you did in removing the “botched-up eyebrow job” that had been done a few years ago. Much to my delight, my eyebrows now look almost normal, and I am not ashamed of them anymore…. Once again, thanks for a wonderful job and I would recommend you to anyone interested in having any of these procedures done in the future.”



Permanent Makeup Correction and Other Work

  • Eyelash Tinting - Before

    Blonde eyelashes are often hard to see!

  • Eyelash Tinting After

    Tinting your eyelashes makes the most of every eyelash you have! Your total time investment is 30 minutes and costs only $25.00.

  • Eyelash Tint - Before

    Eyebrow and eyelash tint and tweeze.

  • After Eyelash Tint

    Thirty minutes after eyebrow and eyelash tint and tweeze.

  • Before Makeup Correction

    This Native American beauty presents with permanent makeup she is very unhappy with. The eyebrows and eyeliner have been tattooed with black ink. People ask her if she is angry. A total removal is a must before any possibility of correction.

  • Before Makeup Correction

    Avoid trends. Consultations are a must. Remember this is your face. Permanent makeup always looks better and cost less when applied correctly the FIRST time.

  • After Makeup Removal

    Eyebrows and eyeliner after one removal session of old application.

  • After Permanent Makeup Correction

    After correction. The permanent makeup correction was a journey for this woman! She was patient and followed her after care instructions and is now pleased. NOTE the extended tails were totally removed from the Cat Eye eyeliner.

  • Scalp Shading - Before

    Before Scalp Shading

  • Scalp Shading - After

    Minutes after his first session. Custom pigment colors are mixed to blend with the client's existing hair.

  • Scalp Shading - After

    Days after his first treatment.

  • Scalp Shading

    Healing update on scalp pigmentation.

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