Permanent Makeup

As the hands of time lightly touch our face we begin to see mother nature’s fine brush strokes and realize we are mature. Imagine waking each morning ready to face the day never having to pencil your eyebrows on again or worry that they are even! Unsteady hands become a problem of the past with your perfectly applied permanent eyeliner. Lips appear fuller having the healthy color of your youth. Fine lines around the lips are less noticeable thanks to your new permanent lip color. Look closely, it’s you, and you are radiant!

Permanent Eyeliner
Permanent Eyebrows
Eyelash Enhancement
Permanent Lip Color
Scalp and Mustache Shading


Contemplating Permanent makeup?

Entertaining the thoughts of permanent makeup? Wondering how it will look on you? Consultations are a must, prior to any service visit the office. Review picture portfolios and web sites, seeing is believing, expertise is important. Ask questions, understand the possibilities and limitations of the service you are considering. Reputable businesses will be happy to provide you with the information you request. A final thought, good permanent makeup isn’t cheap and cheap permanent makeup isn’t good, if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is!


Permanent Makeup Portfolio

Permanent Eyebrows & Eyeliner

Here you can view various stages of the permanent eyebrow and eyeliner processes.

  • Minutes After Permanent Eyebrow Application

    Left eye minutes after the application of permanent eyebrows, temporary redness and minor swelling are to be expected the day of your procedure.

  • After Permanent Eyebrows

    Right eye minutes after the application of permanent eyebrows. Natural looking simulated hair strokes blend permanent makeup with existing light blonde eyebrows.

  • Permanent Eyeliner Before

    This client requested a dramatic eyeliner that would define her eyes and make her eyelashes look thicker.

  • Permanent Eyeliner After

    Minutes after her first visit, moderate swelling and redness is common. Often during the procedure one eye or eyebrow will swell slightly more than the other, any irregularities are modified in the follow up session one month later.

  • Permanent Eyeliner After

    A closer look, minutes after her first session.

  • After Permanent Eyeliner (Healed)

    Permanent Eyeliner - After (Healed)

  • Permanent Eyebrows Before

    A beauty with Alopecia before permanent eyebrows.

  • After Permanent Eyebrows

    Swelling and minor temporary redness is normal. Right and left sides swell differently but will settle the same after ice is applied.

  • Permanent Eyebrows After (Healed)

    Permanent eyebrows healed after her first application.

  • Permanent Eyeliner After

    Minutes after her fine tuning session. Minor redness and swelling are temporary and normal.

  • Before Permanent Eyeliner and Eyebrow

    Client was concerned about looking overdone so we decided to take the conservative approach for her first visit. I'll be using a soft muted MOSS color to highlight her beautiful green eyes!

  • Permanent Eyeliner and Eyebrow

    After first application. We need to add additional strokes to her eyebrows during her second visit. She loves her eyeliner, especially the smudged lower liner.

  • Permanent Eyeliner and Eyebrow

    Minutes after her second application.

  • Permanent Eyebrow Retouch

    She had her first application of permanent eyebrows in 2003, a retouch on them in 2008 and this will be her third eyebrow retouch. She has also decided to have permanent eyeliner applied this time.

  • Permanent Eyebrows & Eyeliner

    Minutes after retouching her eyebrows and the application of MOSS colored pigment to highlight her eye color.

  • Before Permanent Eyeliner

    This lovely client would like her eyes to appear larger and is tired of applying topical makeup. We can do that!

  • After Permanent Eyeliner

    She loves her new eyeliner! What a difference a little eyeliner makes!

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