Think Before you Ink


Body art is everywhere! Today if you are not showing ink, you are the minority. Tattoos are not just for Bikers and bad girls, Grandpa Joe can be seen along side his grandson getting identical ink for an eighteenth birthday and in the chair next to them is a woman celebrating her divorce being final with a full sleeve. It is self-expression, celebration, rebellion or sometimes-in memory of something very personal, most of all its permanent!

Caution Рvisible ink may lead to issues with future employers. I am currently working with a client the Army will not recruit until two of her visible tattoos are removed, another client regrets having his ring finger tattooed because he is now divorced  and wants to remarry. Tattooed names of lovers or spouses are generally not a good idea either.

Many employers are just saying no to visible tattoos due to fewer jobs and an over abundance of applicants. Should you find yourself in this position there is hope for tattoo remorse.

I have been successfully removing tattoos for nine years using the saline/salt water method. This process is similar to salabrasion, a procedure once performed by physicians which is centuries old. It works by introducing a high concentration of saltwater next to the dermis (where the unwanted ink is); water in the cells beneath the surrounding ink (containing lower concentrations of salt and water) will rise to the areas containing higher concentrations of salt. The process of equalization forces the ink upward from the dermal layer to the epidermis by osmotic pressure. During the healing process, the body forms a scab and sheds the ink.

Do not be passed over or left behind because of your ink.

Stephanie Miller
Board Certified Technician

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