After Care Instructions

Permanent Makeup, Eyebrows, Lips, and Eyes Aftercare

  1. Do not expose the treated area to the sun or tanning bed.
  2. You may gently wash your face with a mild facial wash and pat dry.
  3. Do not apply topical creams or antibiotics to the procedure site.
  4. Do not soak in a hot tub or swimming pool.
  5. As the procedure is healing, it may feel extremely tight. Use moisturizer after the first day to minimize dryness. Lips respond especially well to a heavy lip balm with sunblock or sun screen.
  6. Do not pick at your procedure site as it exfoliates.


The treated areas (brows, eyes, lips) will appear very exact, dark, and intense for approximately three to six days. What appears to be too dark on your initial saturation visit, in most cases, will exfoliate (peel or slough) in approximately one week. As healing progresses, the color will soften (however, in very unusual cases “settling” can still be taking place for up to 60 to 90 days). The treated area may then be too light in color. This completes your initial saturation visit and is the ground floor for your focus visit.

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