The ever-tightening economy has forced us all to examine our personal budget. The average person has less expendable cash and more stress than the year before. I see it daily on the faces of clients who pass through my door. The lines that appear between your brows are the result of muscle movement. When the powerful muscles between your brows contract they draw the brows together causing the skin to furrow. Avoid extremely thin eyebrow trends some things you should never try at home. Over waxing and tweezing can lead to sparse or permanent hair loss making you look older and tired. No matter what you wear, your face is what others remember.

Why settle for what you see in the mirror at any age with options a phone call away? When you look good you feel better, there is confidence and a smile on your face! Botox Cosmetic (Botox Cosmetic, Botulinum Toxin Type A is a registered trademark of Allergen Inc.) and Permanent makeup are economical solutions to frown lines and eyebrow loss. Botox is successful with a few tiny injections in relaxing frown lines and can give eyebrows that have gone flat a lift. Permanent makeup also known as micropigmentation restores partial or non-existing eyebrows with simulated hair like strokes. The process involves implanting microns of custom mixed pigments that compliment your skin tone and hair color into the dermal layer of skin. A naturally balanced permanent eyebrow brings symmetry and a youthful appearance back to your face ending the hassle and daily application of eyebrow pencil. Take charge with self-maintenance made easy that will not break the bank!

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