Alopecia is partial or complete lack of hair resulting from normal aging, endocrine disorder, drug reaction, anticancer medication, or skin disease. In my Dermagraphics practice I see men, women, and children of all ages with various types of the disorder.

Generally by the time clients consult with me they have undergone diagnosis and medical treatment by a dermatologist. Alopecia can be extremely emotionally traumatizing for some clients.

Men with certain areas and types of hair loss are prime candidates for scalp shading and fine hairline strokes. I have had great results with men who are at least 40 years old with no signs of receding hair, because male pattern balding usually starts by this time. Men who have undergone hair transplants benefit from shading of the harvested scar site. Simulated hairs and shading on the scalp are less expensive option and offer a carefree life style without wigs or hairpieces.

Women too can benefit from scalp shading scars within the hairline but if they are in the process of total hair loss they need to consider what the end result may look like with no hair surrounding it. I always review the doctor’s diagnosis and confirm his final recommendation with my client before we begin any procedure.

Eyebrows can be constructed on both men and women leading to a balanced natural appearance. Often times it is hard for clients to recall what they looked like with hair. Photographs of the client before Alopecia can be a great help in eyebrow restoration. The procedure begins with drawing on eyebrows conventionally; this enables the client to see the size shape of their new brows. We work closely together to shape and design the perfect brow for the individual, topical anesthesia is used, custom pigment is mixed according to skin tone and hair color. This is a two-part procedure, the first visit (called saturation) provides a color base for the eyebrows and the second visit (called the focus) is the fine tuning phase.

Eyeliner gives depth and enhances the color of the eyes. Generally I prefer on the upper lid a more narrow line on the inner half of the eye thickening to a slightly wider wedge at the outer corner to create a lifted effect. Pigment colors are chosen according to skin tone, eye color, and client preference. If the conjunctiva is wide, eyeliner is applied just below and into the lash bed, when healed the color in this area tends to be softer. As in the eyebrow procedure two visits are necessary.

Clients that are happy with their outward appearance have a little extra spring in their step and a gleam in their eye. Hearing the confidence in their voice as they leave my office I know it’s been another good day!

Stephanie Miller
Licensed Certified Derma Technician
Dermagraphics By Miller