Daily life moves faster than ever, as the months and years fly by. There are subtle changes but you do not feel any different, as you look closely, your lips appear thinner. Does your lipstick bleed into fine vertical lines around your mouth no matter what you do? Unfortunately, natural beauty does fade.

As a board certified technician in micropigmentation and a clinical assistant to David A. Femovich M.D. I see fat grafting and permanent makeup as an increasingly popular choice for elective surgery patients. Most patients appear ten years younger after having these services.

Liposuction is the surgical removal of fat from a localized area. Near the site to be suctioned tiny incisions are made, appropriate cannulas are inserted and a surgical vacuum or device is used to extract fat. Fat harvested from the abdomen or inner thigh provides surgeons with the ideal filler. Transplanted fat is biocompatible and one of the best choices for adding volume to thin lips, facial lines and highlighting cheek bones.  Minor swelling, slight bruising and mild discomfort are normal postoperative conditions.

Many physicians suggest permanent makeup for patients with topical makeup allergies, vision impairment, or unsteady hands. Permanent makeup or micropigmentation is the process of implanting custom mixed pigment into the dermal layer. Clients will often request facial restoration from an old photograph, realistic expectations are necessary. Fat injected into the lip restores natural volume that is lost with age as well as some fine lines and wrinkles. I often suggest a blended lip liner of custom mixed iron oxide pigment to enhance the procedure. The result is a youthful natural lip. If natural is not for you choose your favorite shade of lipstick! Imagine never having to apply lipstick again.

Minor procedures make a big difference in the face we see every day.

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