Additional Permanent Makeup Services

Permanent cosmetic services can help a variety of people, including men, feel better about their appearance. Alopecia patients and cancer patients can benefit greatly with minor procedures. Call (814)881-5591 today for a free consultation or click here to contact me online!

Services for Men

Scalp Shading

Hairline strokes blend well with a thinning hairline to give the illusion of fuller hair. This procedure works particularly well for burns or patchiness and scarring from accidents or surgical procedures. This is not recommended for men with male pattern baldness.

Beards and Mustaches

Simulated stubble or hairs work well on thin or bald patches due to mother nature, accidents, scarring, or reconstruction of a cleft lip.

Facial Scars

Men with patches or facial scars in their beard or mustache often choose permanent makeup as a solution to topical makeup blending pigment with the existing facial hair.

Scar Camouflage

Scars and their appearance are always a personal matter, no matter how big or small. In my eyes they are all equally important. With scars there is always an answer, you simply have to ask.

Automobile accidents are devastating. The face in the mirror no longer resembles the face we knew before the accident. Coping with the emotional and sometimes brutal physical changes in appearance can be overwhelming.

How Does Scar Camouflage Work?

Permanent makeup, micropigmentation, or dermagraphics, is the process of depositing microns of colored pigment into the dermal layer of the skin. Restoration of eyebrows, lips, eyeliner, camouflaging skin imperfections and scars are helping men and women regain self-esteem and confidence after tragedy. Dermagraphics by Miller offers a large range of pigments and provides customized color combinations to ensure the closest possible match to your natural skin color.

In many cases multiple surgeries are required to restore facial features. When plastic surgery ends, permanent makeup and scar camouflaging begins, recreating a normal appearance as artistically and scientifically as possible.


Cuts and stitches in the eyebrow area are the most common injuries leaving scars and bald areas that never fill in. Individual brow strokes can be applied to simulate eyebrow hairs eliminating the need for daily eyebrow pencil application.


Techniques with eyeliner are used and applied to fill in and mimic eyelashes on both men and women.


Lip line and color can be developed and restored in stages even in the worst cases. Custom pigments are mixed according to the clients skin tone, ethnic background, hair and eye color.


Personal photographs are a great tool for redesign and restoration. The primary concern in camouflage pigmentation is to correct skin color defects and the illusion of smoother skin. Various techniques to blend skin tones such as adding freckles may require additional visits. With patience the final goal is achieved restoring self-image and self-esteem.

Are There Risks / Drawbacks To Scar camouflage?

The only drawback to scar camouflage is that you will not be able to tan the treated area. This procedure will not be successful for sunbathers, since tanning permanently changes the amount of pigment and melanin in your skin. Prolonged or consistent exposure to the sun will detract from the desired effect and may cause discoloration.

What Is The First Step?

Consultations are a must prior to any permanent makeup procedure to develop and design a treatment plan. It’s important to understand possibilities and limitations of permanent makeup that vary with each individual. The facial restoration of a client may involve multiple sessions over a period of months with extreme precision. Family members often accompany clients offering their support and opinion.

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