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As the hands of time lightly touch our face we begin to see mother nature’s fine brush strokes and realize we are mature. Imagine waking each morning ready to face the day never having to pencil your eyebrows on again or worry that they are even! Unsteady hands become a problem of the past with your perfectly applied permanent eyeliner. Lips appear fuller having the healthy color of your youth. Fine lines around the lips are less noticeable thanks to your new permanent lip color. Look closely, it’s you, and you are radiant!

Permanent Eyeliner

Upper Permanent Eyeliner

Eyeliner adds depth and enhances the color of the eyes. Generally I prefer a more narrow line on the upper lid and on the inner half of the eye thickening to a slightly wider wedge at the outer corner to create a lifted effect. Pigment colors are chosen according to skin tone, eye color, and client preference.

Lower Permanent Eyeliner

Beginning with the last lower eyelash at the temporal area the lower line builds to its maximum in the inner eye area diminishing as it approaches the tear duct. This design is flattering to all types of eyes.

Eyelash enhancement is included in all upper and lower permanent eyeliner procedures. By taking into consideration the size, shape and depth of the eye the perfect eyeliner is designed. Deciding where the line stops and starts, width and taper can make narrow eyes appear wider, dull eyes appear vibrant, and eyelashes look dark and lush. Check out a permanent eyeliner example!

Permanent Eyebrows

Well constructed permanent eyebrows on men and women give a balanced natural appearance. Working closely together, we design the perfect brow for the individual. You will see the size, shape and color before anything is permanent. Topical anesthesia is used and custom pigment is mixed according to skin tone and hair color. This is a two-part procedure, the first visit (called saturation) provides a color base for the eyebrows and the second visit (called the focus) is the fine tuning phase.

A well-designed brow is natural looking. The perfect eyebrows frame the face, enhances the eye and lends balance to the other facial features! The shape can change a person’s entire expression. By pulling your hair back off of your face it is easier to determine your facial shape. Angular faces tend to need a more rounded brow. A wide face can appear slimmer by creating a slimmer brow or vice versa for a thinner face. Are your brows extended too far down toward the outside edges of the brow bone making you look older? When in doubt make an appointment for a consultation with a licensed professional, prices will vary generally between twelve to twenty dollars. Check out some permanent eyebrow examples!

Permanent Lip Color

Never be without your favorite lip color again! Permanent lipstick is a great option to keep you looking your best. Many women choose permanent lipstick because it can visually re-shape and give the appearance of fuller lips.

Permanent lip color is also a great option in correcting the lip line of a cleft lip by reshaping the mouth and restoring the natural color.

Permanent makeup requires two visits due to minor swelling. It is rare that one visit is sufficient for any service.

Eyelash Enhancement

Enhance your Eyelashes! Eyelashes appear thicker and darker at their base with this service. Men and women desiring a natural look often choose this procedure. To achieve this effect, pigment is applied through the upper and lower lash lines.

Scalp and Mustache Shading

Scalp Shading

Hairline strokes blend well with a thinning hairline to give the illusion of fuller hair. This procedure works particularly well for burns or patchiness and scarring from accidents or surgical procedures. This is not recommended for men with male pattern baldness.


Simulated stubble or hairs work well on thin or bald patches due to mother nature, accidents, scarring, or reconstruction of a cleft lip.

Contemplating Permanent makeup?

Entertaining the thoughts of permanent makeup? Wondering how it will look on you? Consultations are a must, prior to any service visit the office. Review picture portfolios and websites, seeing is believing and expertise is important. Ask questions, understand the possibilities and limitations of the service you are considering. Reputable businesses will be happy to provide you with the information you request. A final thought, good permanent makeup isn’t cheap and cheap permanent makeup isn’t good, if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is!

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