Permanent Eyebrows #030

Before Permanent Makeup

This athletic beauty presents with thinner than she would like sparse eyebrows. She is tired of applying topical eyebrow pencil and worrying if they are even or if she has accidentally wiped them off during the day. Who has time for that? She decided that she would like a subtle arch and a defined brow but not over the top! Although she has blonde hair she prefers a darker brow as her natural eyebrows are brown. I custom mixed pigments to compliment her skin tone and blend with the existing natural hairs. Stray hairs within the soft tissue were tweezed.

Moments After Her First Application of Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup is 20-25% darker and bolder the day of any procedure and the tiny hair strokes soften and blend as the swelling decreases with the use of an over the counter ice pack. Minor swelling and temporary redness (for several hours) are to be expected.

After First Session of Permanent Eyebrows

1-month post procedure
A conservative approach was used in filling in sparse areas of this client’s natural eyebrow, I also extended the bulb area (area closest to her nose) for greater balance. She has amazing eyes and this fuller balanced eyebrow provides the perfect frame! She is very happy but has requested additional hair strokes and that darker pigment is applied today in her fine-tuning session. It’s all about you, the client, and how you perceive yourself. I am here to guide you and design your best brow ever!

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