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Not sure if permanent makeup is best for you? Check out below what our client’s are saying and their experience with Dermagraphics by Miller!

If you were happy with our services, please feel free to write us a quick review to help anyone else who is hesitant about permanent makeup!

Stephanie did an amazing job on my eyebrows! I had very light brows that always needed penciling in. I love my new blue/brown permanent eyeliner. Now I just touch up my lashes and I’m good to go. She is very professional and personable and puts you right at ease. Love her new inviting office. Great work!

— Colleen Finch Gustafson

Stephanie is amazing at her job. She’s personable, hilarious and takes her time to make sure her clients are satisfied. I had no eyebrows due to having chemotherapy. Stephanie worked her magic and I now have eyebrows that look so real. Beyond happy and her prices are very reasonable!

— Nicole Ann

I had my eyebrows done by Stephanie. I had to have several procedures due to a lot of corrections from a previous procedure. She was fantastic! She took time to do the work and it really showed at the end. My eyebrows are perfect. Most people don’t know they are permanent makeup. I would highly recommend her to anyone. I drove from Pittsburgh to Erie and it was worth every mile!

— Mickie Perlik

Got my eyelashes tinted and I’m in love with them! 100% recommend going there. Awesome customer service!

— Kayla Spiegel

Stephanie recently enhanced my eyeliner. She did a perfect job. Stephanie explains the process in appropriate detail and conducts excellent client teaching. She has an immaculate office setting and is a very safe practitioner. Stephanie has also done my lip liner and lipstick. I’m very satisfied and receive compliments. See Stephanie if you’d like to save time on your morning routine and look professional throughout the day and evening. Thank you, Stephanie!

— Susan Miller

I had “permanent makeup” done by another lady in Erie. It was horrible and it came off in a week. It didn’t even look like permanent makeup and she kept asking me to go back in so she could “fix it.” I started to develop scar tissue. I was devastated by all the money I spent and my horrible experience. I found Dermagraphics by Miller and was hesitate because of the horrible experience I had but she consulted me and convinced me she could help. I am so happy trusted her! I absolutely trust her and would recommend her. She did my eyebrows and they look so natural. My mom loved them so much she went and got hers done, also by Dermagraphics by Miller. For anyone thinking about getting permanent makeup, cheaper is NOT better!

— R. Taylor

As a professional hair stylist, I have been interested in Permanent Makeup solutions since I learned about it in 2001. However, that service was not available in the Erie area…until Stephanie Miller launched “Dermagraphics by Miller.

Since I already did my own research on the subject, I knew exactly what I wanted and what to look for as far as professionalism, education, and sanitary procedures. Even though I knew I set my standards high and was unwilling to compromise on what I wanted, I can honestly say that Stephanie Miller exceeded my expectations on every level. I couldn’t help but be impressed by her artistic vision and her perfectionist talent.

My permanent eyeliner looks so perfect and so natural! I love it! This was the best gift I ever treated myself to!

— Carolyn A. Michael

Thank you so much for the “correct” information you gave me that I passed on to the person who “messed up” my eyebrows. I did get a refund!! Thank you.

— Becky Brewton

When I tell people that I’ve had Permanent Makeup applied to my eyes, they are amazed! Only three people knew that I was going to have this done on a Friday evening. I followed Stephanie Miller’s post-op instructions (she assured me that the swelling would be minimal) and Saturday evening I served Mass. After Mass, we visited with friends and no one asked, and they WOULD HAVE had they noticed. On Sunday, I had a family picnic, among others my son and his family when asked how they liked my eyes, they still didn’t know!

The first question I’m asked is why? I had two reasons, one I hate running out to the store for “just five minutes” and running into five people I know without my eye makeup on. Without eyeliner I look sick and washed out! Secondly, in time I don’t want to become one of those elderly ladies (while trying to keep up their appearance) who puts their eyeliner on crooked or on a slant because of failing eyesight! I wanted a natural look for my eyeliner. Stephanie and I decided dark brown would be best for me. Stephanie has a good eye for color, she listens well and understood exactly what I wanted

I’m VERY HAPPY I chose PERMANENT EYELINER and I am pleased with my new look. I have no regrets. Stephanie is patient and will answer all of your questions.


— Joyce Becker

I wasn’t sure if permanent makeup (eyeliner) was for me. My husband gave me this gift for my sixty-third birthday. I couldn’t be happier. The staff is wonderful; they make you feel so comfortable! With the holidays coming up, give the hint that this procedure is for you too!

— Roberta Gusky

I am so happy with the way my eyes look. After years of using over-the-counter products, I absolutely feel that permanent eyeliner is the best give a woman can give herself. One of the greatest advantages is being able to simply put on lipstick and be out the door.

I was very impressed with your knowledge and professional demeanor. You also put me at ease when I saw how clean and sterile your shop is. Thank You So Very Much!

— Shirley Suprynowicz

I want to extend my appreciation for the excellent job you did in removing the “botched-up eyebrow job” that had been done a few years ago. Much to my delight, my eyebrows now look almost normal, and I am not ashamed of them anymore. Also, the eyeliner procedure that I had done at the same time turned out beautiful. I am very pleased with the results of both of these procedures.

You were very professional in your work attitude and fully explained what was to be accomplished and the approximate length of recovery.

Once again, thanks for a wonderful job and I would recommend you to anyone interested in having any.

— Janet M Nord

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you did on my eyebrows. They look terrific! I truly enjoyed my experience and will not hesitate to recommend Dermagraphics By Miller to everyone!

Thanks again for making it so much fun and relaxing!

— Nicole Brugger

I’m truly ecstatic about my permanent full lips & liner and my permanent eyeliner. My lips and eyes look fantastic! My time getting ready has been cut in half. Half of the beauty regimen is now permanent and never smudges or rubs off! I cannot elaborate enough about the convenience of permanent makeup. I look good and feel good about myself and lets face it, that’s what all of us women yearn for!

— Susan Kline

I just wanted to tell you how thrilled I am with my permanent eyeliner!

My job requires that I dress professionally almost seven days a week, and the permanent makeup has given me time for an extra cup of coffee or a little more sleep each morning. On the days I am not working, I just need to put on a little blush and I am on my way; I don’t even put on mascara.

As I told you when we met, I have wanted to get this done for over ten years, but was not comfortable with just anyone doing my makeup…after all, it is permanent. But when I read the story in the paper about you and your credentials, I knew I found someone I could trust to do the job and do it right. You reinforced my conclusions when I met with you and how professionally you described the procedure and the time you took to answer questions.

The ultimate compliment was when no one noticed that I had it done until I told them. They thought I looked the same, which is exactly the result I wanted. I was so happy with my results, I gave my mother permanent eyebrows as an early Christmas present. When she was young they were singed off and never grew back. I can tell you she is just as happy as I am.

I would not hesitate referring anyone to you, and have done so.

Best of luck to you and say hi to “Otis.”

— Laura Brokos

It wasn’t very hard to write this letter, because I am one happy girl. After receiving Chemo Therapy a while ago, one of the side effects was having my hair fall out. Well, after I was finished with Chemo Therapy, low and behold, the hair on my head grew back. Not so true on my eyebrows, because they never grew back. Needless to say, I was devastated. Then, one day I heard about your dermagraphics , and how good you were on tattooing. So, I thought I would give it a try.

Well, Since you have done my eyebrows, I thank God every morning, but I also thank you for your artistic work. You are not only talented, Stephanie, but you are one fine, classy lady, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

— Trixie

I am thrilled with my new permanent lip color and eyeliner that Stephanie recently did for me. I gave up using eyeliner years ago because as I got older, my skin lost some of its’ firmness and this made it harder and harder to get a good line around the eye area. Now I have perfect eyeliner and everyday lip color and I feel very confident about the way I look. I love not having to apply lipstick every day, but having the freedom to apply a different shade if I have a special occasion. My family and friends noticed the great look but had no idea that it was permanent makeup. I had to tell them. They all think it’s great.

— Rosa Allen

I just love it! After much research – checking out side effects, procedures & sterilization of the equipment, plus reviewing the comments & final look of previous clients – I scheduled an appointment. I had looked into this, years earlier, and even called Stephanie months ago – but now…I highly recommend this enhancement to your life. Jump out of the shower, blow your hair dry, dab a bit of foundation on, and WOW, you’re ready to go. So far I have had the permanent eye-liner (which I really love!!!) & now am working on the lips – GO FOR IT! Treat yourself, or ask for it as a birthday or holiday gift; it is really wonderful!

— Janet M Smith

I think permanent makeup is so essential, because you look professionally put together. I am a salon owner who spends most of the day upclose and speaking with clients. The permanent lip liner makes my face look awake and healthy. Clients no longer ask if I am tired because my lips are the same color as my face.

— Cindy Nowak

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