Correction of Permanent Eyebrows

Before correction

July 29, 2014
This lovely lady presents with basically a fragmented pigmented line that was applied at another office. A friend who was also one of my clients referred her to my office for correction. The previous color wasn’t bad and it was also very light enabling me to blend it within the new procedure site. I was able to blend the line with her new permanent eyebrows.

Minutes After Correction

July 29, 2014
Custom pigments were mixed to compliment her skin tone and eye color, tiny hair-like strokes were used to simulate natural hairs and excess hairs outside of the procedure site in the soft tissue were tweezed. Temporary redness and swelling are to be expected minutes after any permanent makeup procedure. In most cases, the right and left sides of the body always swell differently, as the swelling decreases the procedure site evens. This is one happy lady! I will see her in 4 weeks for her focus visit where we will fine tune her procedure making any minor adjustments we feel necessary.

September 16, 2014
Eyebrow procedure healed after one session
This client loves her new eyebrows but would like additional hairline strokes during her second session. I agree and am glad we took the conservative approach initially. The natural eyebrow hairs outside the procedure will need to be tweezed.